Traveling solo….the

Today I will be leaving for Utah on a solo road camping trip, this will be my fifth one, first where I will not meet anybody.

Many people are puzzled by the idea of traveling solo, why they ask almost as if there is something wrong with it.

Their questions actually are very legitimate, fear, loneliness and even if this would be a mind expanding trip with a special diet etc.

The answer is partially yes to all, and especially getting away from it all to reflect, with what, what else mother nature.

This concept of solo traveling solo in the past was not so uncommon now however in a world where we must be all connected, stay in touch and belong the idea seems absurd, especially where our fear of loneliness has been exaggerated oddly enough by the technology that makes us feel closer to each other.

I hope to keep a photo journal of the some beautiful landscapes I will see on the way and in Utah. I also plan to paint these landscapes while I am there, which will be a new experience for me.

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