What to cook….We are going to cook beef cheek meat

For mexican supermarkets, try Super Mercado Morelia, just North of Touhy on Western.

Merry Christmas

Today is the year end breakfast of the Bible Fellowship, Evanston at Prairie Joe’s. For the past 18 years they have had their breakfast meeting at our. We wish them all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Will be writing a cook book titled “the diary of a mad cook”….well in this case it will be both.

Saturday are Saturdays

I am up early thinking of the specials though I know what they are going to be, more likely I am thinking about the physical process of doing them, like cutting the potatoes and I do like cutting things, mostly vegetables, especially potatoes.

Prairie Joe’s T- Shirts are here now

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Prairie Joe’s has been a family oriented restaurant for the past twenty years. We are proud to have the same customers who were born twenty years ago and continue to come to our restaurant as young adults.

Family owned family operated and serving all kinds of families, whether one or five, we are happy to serve you.


Prairie Joe’s T-Shirts are now available

Our New T-Shirts will come out this Wednesday

Just in time for the holidays, We will post our designs or choose from selections at the diner. $18

Happy Thanksgiving

So I am thinking of selling salads from the restaurant, however I need a refrigerated display case first, anyone who knows of one please let us know. We are going to be closed Thanksgiving day, Happy Thanksgiving.

Northwestern Football Saturdays is a tradition.

we just had our 20th year Northwestern Football Saturday with our once a season regulars, that we see every year, sort of cool.

So is it really all about cooking?

What invokes cooking beyond a boiled carrot? Besides cooking a meal of any kind there is a story that goes with it and a story created with it. There is also painting and
even a music that goes with it. The final dish is the sum of all these emotions.