So another year done

We are almost done with our 21st year thanks to our customers.  This year has been our best so far that without any advertising or media write ups. So we know it is ultimately our customers that matter more than anything else. 

Going out to eat myself, I find it is not only about having the “best” or eating at the trendiest, but rather being liked by the establishment you are eating at. It is not about the place it is about the customer.

In my close to 40 years in this business I have seen the restaurant scene go from a pleasant dinner out to a frenzy of trends, attitudes, TV shows, blogs, “everybody is a critic” sites, celebrity chefs, new foods and styles. In short an explosion of the restaurant scene. Good and not so good.

Good that our options have increased and there is a lot of good food out there, bad that as a customer we want to be awed, want the best, to be challenged and to instantly be a critic. However it is still a dinner out, a time to relax and enjoy.

Recently a good customer asked of our biscuits and gravy was awesome, the best.  I replied,  no,  it is not the best, it is good and that is good enough,  he has ordered them twice since then.

I am lucky to have Prairie Joe’s and my customers where I do my own thing and have a following that seems to appreciate it, we are well known not by the media of any kind but by word of mouth. I guess this statement in a food blog summed it up for me “Prairie Joe’s is a decent place but has never caught on”. Exactly by whom?

Thanks for coming to Prairie Joe’s.



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